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Flow business agility onsite workshops now available

Our popular course Fundamentals of Business Agility using Flow is now available as onsite workshops in your organisation. Workshops from 1-3 days are available, depending on what suits your organisation.

The practice of business agile took on new significance in 2019 and is set to be top of mind for many leaders and executives in 2020. This course introduces you to business agility in the broadest sense and will equip you to lead discussion about the requirements of a company seeking agility. it will also allow you to execute on key business agile goals. Bring new competency to your company or organisation and improve your own skills in the new business operating philosophy.

In a one, two or three day workshop we will introduce you to the basic concepts of business agility and provide you with the framework you need to introduce and implement it in your own organisation. The framework you will learn is Flow, a value based approach to business agility that is customer centred and designed to help overcome the challenges that are blocking your competitiveness. 

You will also learn a new approach to value analysis, continuous value improvement and downstream value delivery, in a framework to help you with the key problems every organisation needs to address.

Key lessons

  • Learn the major elements of new business agile principles, the why and how
  • And how to become business agile through adopting Flow principles
  • By adopting an end-to-end value management process
  • Explore tools for true customer-centricity in the agile enterprise
  • Discover new ecosystem possibilities and how to make ecosystems an effective strategy
  • Explore the relationship between value-based agility and new work methods
  • Learn the principles and tools of a more visual and accountable work environment
  • Bridge IT-Business silos
  • Learn how to design value into the Flow of work
  • Explore the new purpose of leaders when value replaces rules and reporting lines
  • And how to deliver value with new ways to work


  1. Prepare yourself for real agility and for delivering value at pace
  2. Increase revenues by ensuring only work of value enters the innovation pipeline
  3. Understand how to move to a new flexible operating model
  4. Master how to create high performance Flow and DevOps 2.0 teams
  5. Overcome the IT-business divide

Duration | 1, 2 or 3 days

Cost | POA

Venue | Dublin or on-site nationwide

For more details contact us by phone on 01 23 777 23 or email

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