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CEPIS Calls for Best Practice Framework for National Cybersecurity Strategies

CEPIS’ Legal and Security Issues Special Interest Network (LSI SIN) has published a new paper, Best Practices for a Journey Towards Secure Cyberspace, which evaluates the approach of different National Cybersecurity Strategies (NCSS) within the EU.

The paper calls for a common European evaluation framework to help ensure a long-term strategy for reducing risks to cybersecurity between EU Member States.

By comparing a selection of Member States’ NCSS, the paper finds that 38% of 21 analysed European national strategies fail to represent a holistic, long-term approach to cybersecurity, only focusing on operational issues, while they also need new methods to assess and monitor the institutions dealing with this area.

It is noted that many of the national institutions that currently handle cybersecurity enforcement are still dependent on the state, which is problematic as the state institutions are stakeholders themselves with regard to cybersecurity and should therefore be separated from the pertaining authority.

The full paper can be downloaded from the CEPIS website, and members are encouraged to share it through their networks.

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