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30 European ICT Professional Role Profiles built on the e-CF

The European ICT Professional Role Profiles provide a Europe-agreed set of 30 typical profile descriptions from an ICT organisational viewpoint. They can be either directly adopted or used as an inspiration and sound starting point for the flexible creation of more context-specific profiles, based upon organisational roles or individual job descriptions from a broad variety of contexts.

The 30 ICT Professional Role Profiles provide a generic set of typical roles performed by ICT Professionals in any organisation, covering the full ICT business processes

  • using the European e-Competence Framework (e-CF) as the basis for competence identification; and
  • illuminating and structuring each ICT Professional Profile with a number of components including work outcomes or “Deliverables”.

Members can match their competences against 23 job profiles using our free CPD tool CareerPlus. We will update these to the latest role profiles in the coming months. Corporate members can take advantage of CareerPlus and eCF to identify skill sets for project teams and resource planning.

European ICT Professional Role Profiles – Part 1: 30 ICT Profiles - Part 1 provides 30 European ICT Professional Role Profiles full descriptions.

European ICT Professional Role Profiles – Part 2: User Guide - Part 2 explains the basic principles and supports practical application of the ICT Profiles in different environments.

European ICT Professional Role Profiles – Part 3: Methodology - Part 3 explains the overall methodology approach and main choices underpinning the ICT Profiles development.

European ICT Professional Role Profiles – Part 4: Case Studies - Part 4 provides 11 Caste Studies illustrating practical application examples of the ICT Profiles from multiple perspectives.

About the ICT Profiles

By applying European e-Competence Framework (e-CF) competences to ICT profile construction, the 30 ICT Profiles also provide a tool and entry point for e-CF application by individuals and organisations who wish to work with the e-CF EN 16234-1 standard. The European ICT Professional Role Profiles make a key contribution to increased transparency and convergence of the European ICT Skills landscape and to maturing the ICT Profession overall. In addition to focusing upon individual ICT professional competence and performance the overall aim is to influence the ability of organisations to leverage ICT for better performance.

The European ICT Professional Role Profiles updating work took place from 2017 to 2018 in the context of the CEN ICT Skills Workshop which transferred its former mission and activity to CEN TC428.

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