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CIO & IT Leaders Summit, June 28 – ticket discount for ADPO members

The CIO & IT Leaders Summit takes place at Croke Park on June 28, organised by Business Post Events & iQuest (

ADPO is a partner to the Summit and its chairman, Fintan Swanton, will be the moderator of a roundtable discussion on “Securing the ‘new normal’: How to protect your cloud, workforce and assets in the post-pandemic world”.

Other topics covered in the Summit include:

  • Technology leadership in a digital first world: The CIO’s agenda in 2022.
  • Harnessing digital transformation and emerging technologies in the post-covid19 world.
  • Cybersecurity: Strengthening cybersecurity skills and developing and sustaining a strong cybersmart culture across your organisation.
  • Advancing automation to accelerate digital transformation: Developing a proactive automation strategy.
  • Designing digital government for services for maximum impact: What has worked?
  • Data and public trust: Interoperability, delivery of big-data projects, restoring public trust and engaging the public about data use.
  • Identifying the sweet-spot between excellent customer experience and the future goals of the business.
  • Everything-as-a-Service: Just what every CIO wants?
  • Boosting the digital skills of your workforce and lessons learned from remote working.
  • Sustainability: How the CIO should act now to shift towards increased technology sustainability.
  • The role of the CIO: The opportunities and challenges ahead for the digital CIO.
  • How to protect your cloud, workforce and assets in the post-pandemic world.
  • Building a solid data strategy to scale AI.
  • The customer experience: Developing a strategic roadmap to provide a safe, secure and sustainable customer experience.
  • How is the CIO role evolving? The opportunities and responsibilities ahead for digital CIOs.

ADPO members are offered a 20% discount for tickets to the Summit. If you’re interested, email Fintan at and he’ll send you on the discount code.

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