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Lean Six Sigma - Yellow Belt Certificate

The Introduction to Lean Six Sigma course is recommended for all those in an organisation who want to get an overview of the concepts, tools and methodologies of Lean and Six Sigma.

This course is suitable for senior managers, department managers, line managers, internal consultants, change agents, project managers, team leaders and subject matter experts in your business.

What’s good about the course?:

A good solid practical introduction to the topic over two day.

Trainers are highly qualified and renowned internationally for their expertise and professionalism.


At the end of the training course participants will have:

  • An overall understanding to the concepts, tools and principles of Lean.
  • An overall understanding to the Six Sigma methodology, DMAIC and the tools and techniques used in Six Sigma.
  • An understanding of the similarities, differences and practical applications of both Six Sigma and Lean approaches.
  • An understanding of how Lean Six Sigma can be integrated into the company’s management systems.
  • Some initial criteria and guidelines for selecting, reviewing and evaluating Lean Six Sigma projects.
  • A fundamental understanding of how these programmes can be applied to deliver an effective continuous improvement programme to reduce waste and variation in the business.


Up-skilling your staff is always a good idea. Lean Six Sigma offers an educational path from Yellow Belt (can handle small projects, and participate in bigger once) to Green Belt (The Project Managers who will take on projects adding money to the bottom line in the region of anything over € 25K) to Black Belt (who are the experts and can handle big projects with a bottom line improvement of more than €150K).

There is the above benefit to your staff - up-skilling using an educational path, improving motivation while they receive an international accepted certificate, and financial benefits going directly to the bottom line of your organisation.

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12th Sep (Wed) to 13th Sep (Thu)


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