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  Tuesday, August 25th

Windows 10 banned by Piracy Sites

New details in Microsoft's Windows 10 services agreement have created panic among multiple piracy sit

  Monday, August 24th

Potential Footprints Left by Ashley Madison Hackers

In the wake of the Ashley Madison hack, Canadian authorities, the FBI, amongst other organisations are all attempting to trace the origins of the original hackers, with little success up to this point. Avid Life Media in particular are in a state of outrage concerning the attack, claiming that they will vigorously track down those responsible. Over the course of a week, over 30 GB of data has been released on hundreds of thousands of Ashley Madison users. The consequences for the registered members will be huge

  Monday, August 24th

Irish Businesses on Cloud-based Data Hosting

Cloud computing has become a highly pervasive method of data storage in recent times and it has been accepted with open arms throughout the world. This openness comes with certain drawbacks including high cost and security issues for data hosting. Despite this, Irish businesses are beginning to realise the need to commit fully to the cloud as a means of data hosting - for future growth, for expansion, and much more. [

  Friday, August 21st

The Internet of Things and Data Protection

Most tech addicts will readily accept that the internet of things, now a global phenomenon, is all in all a good thing. It boasts the ability to interconnect all of your devices, each with their own internet connections, to create smart homes and in general to make one's life a far more integrated on